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ViewForce ACCR ViewForce ALPR GateForce ALPR ScaleForce ALPR MobileForce ALPR SmartPhone Apps

GateForce™ – ALPR - Automatic License Plate Recognition System

EverView’s GateForce™ ALPR - Automatic License Plate Recognition System (ALPR) - specifically developed for residential and commercial security entry – with or without entrance/exit gate(s) control. Automatically capture, process and store all vehicle license plate ID’s entering and exiting your property. Trigger gate access from a known list of acceptable license plates, yet still allow convenient manual over-ride if required. In any case, all vehicle traffic is recorded and stored. View all activity on premises from a secure workstation or remotely via the internet. Video camera(s) can be added to the system for additional surveillance providing live viewing of area and capturing pictures of related activity. Security taken to a new level.

• Capture and Recognize Vehicle License Plate Number
• Authenticate License Plate Number
• Control the Gate(s)
• Capture Images and Data for Activity Reports
• Trigger Notification(s) for Pre-set Exceptions

GateForce™ ALPR application is intuitive, secure and easy to access via web from anywhere in the world. It offers live feed access to the cameras, vehicle database management, system alerts and notifications, report design and execution.

GateForce™ ALPR Applications

• Car park management
• Car parking automation
• Occupation management
• Automation of access control
• Security access control
• Airport access control
• Schools, Hospitals, Casino
• Gated Communities, HOA
• Inventory management
• State border control

It is easy to grant/revoke permanent and/or temporary vehicles access to your property, while recording all access activities through secure GateForce application. You can disable access authorization for defined period of time, but continue reporting access activities. There are number of notifications available within the application that can be delivered to you via SMS messages or by emails in case of any system exceptions, system tampering or un-authorized property access. You do not need to watch hours of your security recordings, just run reports for access activities or specific vehicle activities over date/time range.

Many other features available, please contact us to discuss what GateForce can offer you.